Fermit ISO 9001 + ISO/TS 16949 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001
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Quality & Certifications

Fermit SA has an Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment, Health and Safety according to ISO TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14011 and ISO 18001-OH SAS.

Company Statement on Quality, Environment, Health and Safety

The policy of our company regarding the quality focuses on clients , in order to satisfy their requirements by supplying products and services according to their needs, complying with the regulation in force.

We are always very concerned with being ahead of their expectations and to exceed them.

  • Company improves continuously the efficiency of its quality management system.
  • In order to reduce the risks related to the inappropriate products performing, the Company plans the production, being first of all interested in the products quality .
  • Company is engaged in the active and passive vehicles safety , by complying with the legislation and with the technical regulations in force, assuring our clients on the availability of these safety elements.
  • Company is concerned with occupational and environmental safety .
  • Company has mutual benefits business relation with its suppliers
  • Motivation of the employees and the satisfaction of the shareholders are the direction of company actions.
  • The decisions of the company are based on the detailed analysis of the data and information.
  • The resources and the activities are managed as a process.
  • The identified processes are managed and correlated as a system and that contributes to the company efficiency in order to realize its objectives by research,development and modernization programs, investments and environmental programs.
  • The Management has created and is maintaining within the company a framework which is suitable for settling, analyzing and accomplishing the quality objectives.
  • The company does not allow any deviation from the quality requirements, at every leve land in all the activities.

We also are focused on the implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of environmental,health and safety management system by:

  • Improving the knowledge on environmental, health and safety work of the organization;
  • Maintain and develop a system on management and recovery of the wastes;
  • Reducing air emissions;
  • Pollution Prevention by initiating new investments and activities with the contractors
  • Eliminate hazards (the generating sources);
  • Reducing hazards (by source reduction or effect reduction);
  • Collective protection;
  • Self protection.
  • Our company is committed to comply with environmental legal requirements and other requirements, all applicable to environmental protection, to which our company subscribes, related to environmental issues.
  • The management of our company is engaged in a continuous improvement process and always took care on pollution prevention.
  • Our company is committed to comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements on health and safety, to which it subscribes according with its own health and safety Work risks.
  • Our leadership is concerned about the health and safety of the employees and this concern is extended to the company's suppliers and contractors who are indebted to respect , through their provided goods and services,the legislation and contractual terms with regards to health and safety work
  • Health and safety work policy must be accomplished by active participation of all employees . Our leadership is committed to provide the necessary resources for identifying the quality issues, environmental protection and health and safety work, defining, analyzing and implementation of the objectives on settled improvement directions

Other certifications:

  • Railway supplier authorization AF nr.6485/11.11.2014
  • Laboratory for physical - chemical trials, and road safety authorized for trials and testing which are characteristic for the railroad products, authorization no. AL 357/ 2010 - R3 by AFER
  • Technical agreement for gas industry no. AF nr. 018-05/174-2016.

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